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To make selling my brazing parts collection easier I will create "lots" with a description, as far I know. Parts often have no markings, and designs are copied by other manufacturers. So there will be mistakes, sometimes by me , sometimes by others.


Who wants to buy a lot can send me a mail. Payment through PayPal, I will send a request; when payment is recieved the lot will be sent by mail ($24 upto 2kg of parts, Track & Trace $6 extra) ; the picture on this page will be removed after payment.


Who wants to buy one item should buy the whole lot at the fixed price.   wjemvdb@gmail.com



Sandcast BB's

left EKLA (?) 1960

right De Rosa 1970





Top on the right: Nervex pro

Eddy Merkx (+logo), Haden

Left : Otsuya (??), French crown for triangular blades ? Zeus2000




Three crowns made BoCaMa, top uncut, middle cut, both imperial blades. Last one track 22mm




Crowns, look like Nervex, have no markings, but I think they were made by Bocama (imperial blades)




Set of Simplex dropouts (fifties)

1 rare Altenburger dropout for "Nivex"  ( or Altenburger) derailleur





Davis "Cinelli-style" heavy metal crowns




Haden gents-tandem cross-lug







Short drop-outs Campagnolo, 5 sets available




LongShen lugset , stainless steel, for classic bike frame, Italian threads.




Childrens bike BB 66mm wide , for metric 25mm tubes

Raleigh cluncker BB 78mm wide , for pressed 38mm cups and oval stays




Cinelli, hole in three




Prugnat S4  (10 sets available)



3 sets sold to Erik



Left: Cinelli made in France, for metric tubes, Swiss threaded 

Four slots in a RGF BB by SBDU

Right: wrong number by Gazelle on this Roto BB (cast-away)

Two slots in a Haden BB for cable routing in 1978 by SBDU




Stainless LongShen crowns 1"














On the left: Cinelli SC sandcast 60's , SC investmentcast 70's , SCA from the 80's

In the middle: MC , MR , Pista 22, On the right: CC , CCA 





Long drop-outs Campagnolo, 3 sets available