Over de technische achtergronden van de fiets - the technical background of the bicycle
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Of course you need a spreadsheet program like MS Excel to use the app's; you can choose the free OpenOffice , Google Spreadsheets (also for Adroid) , and through the Apple iTunes store, the MS Office app for iPads and iPhones. For PDF's we advise the free Adobe Reader.


Power&speed : a simulation of a cyclist riding through the virtual world according the laws of Physics.

Gearcharts-metric : is a calculation of the development, the distance covered by one crank rotation, with all possible gearing systems.

Gearratioenglish : is an old way to express the gearratio in inches, for all hubs, brackets and all possible gearing systems.

FitbikeApp : is a bike-fitting program to compare the sizes of body and bike, and to calculate a good seating position.

Excel – 17.3 KB 47 downloads
Excel – 60.5 KB 49 downloads
Excel – 65.5 KB 41 downloads
Excel – 17.8 KB 59 downloads

PDF downloads

PDF – 8.4 MB 37 downloads
PDF – 3.4 MB 37 downloads
PDF – 12.1 MB 41 downloads
Shimano 84
PDF – 31.7 MB 5 downloads
Shimano 88
PDF – 26.8 MB 6 downloads